Building a Greener Future: Joineries and Ecology at Termoexpress

At Termoexpress, we believe that the key to creating a comfortable home lies in the right windows and doors. But it’s not just about comfort, it’s also about making environmentally conscious choices.
Let’s dive into the world of joineries and ecology, and discover how we are committed to providing you with eco-friendly options that don’t compromise on quality or style.

The Journey of Raw Materials

PVC: The Truth Unveiled!

Contrary to common beliefs, PVC is not the environmental villain it’s often portrayed to be. Our PVC windows are composed of around 60% chlorine and 40% petroleum derivatives, sourced from the USA, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. We know the journey is long, but we are committed to using the most responsible suppliers worldwide.
And the good news is, PVC is highly recyclable! In fact, recycled PVC joinery requires up to two times less energy than new joinery, making it a sustainable choice for your home. PVC can be recycled up to 8 times before losing its mechanical qualities, and its lifespan ranges from 15 to 35 years, providing lasting value for your investment.

Aluminium: Beauty Meets Sustainability

Our aluminium joineries are sourced from bauxite, a natural resource found in Central America, Africa, and Australia. The transformation process involves converting bauxite into alumina and then into aluminium by electrolysis. But here's the exciting part–aluminium is fully recyclable without any loss of quality! With 40% of European needs supplied by recycling and 30% worldwide, we are making great strides in reducing our reliance on bauxite mining.
Did you know that recycling just one kilo of aluminium requires only 5% of the energy needed for extraction? That’s the power of sustainability! So, you can embrace the beauty of aluminium joineries without worrying about harming the environment.


Joinery Manufacturing: Embracing a Greener Path

PVC: Green is the New Black

At Termoexpress, we are proud to partner with Aluplast, a leading company in the industry. Their PVC profiles are not only CE and ISO9001 certified but also hold the prestigious ISO14025 and EN15804 certifications, ensuring that their ecological impact is meticulously assessed. To further reduce waste, Aluplast collaborates with Rewindo for the recycling of PVC waste from their factories and old joineries recovered from renovation sites. So, when you choose Aluplast PVC profiles, you are making a conscious decision to support sustainability from start to finish.

Aluminium: The Circle of Recycling

For our aluminium joineries, we rely on Cortizo, a trailblazer in aluminium recycling. With 2,400 collection points across Europe and a dedicated fleet of trucks, Cortizo is actively engaged in the recycling journey. Their commitment to environmental excellence is reflected in their ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certifications and their Environmental Product Declaration (DAP/EPD). Through this declaration, Cortizo provides transparent and verifiable information about the product’s environmental behaviour throughout its lifecycle. By choosing Cortizo aluminium profiles, you're not just getting top-quality joineries; you’re also playing a part in nurturing a sustainable planet.

Your Home, Your Green Sanctuary- Choose Sustainability, Embrace Comfort

At Termoexpress, we believe that you deserve the best of both worlds– a comfortable and stylish home that respects the environment.
Our PVC joineries come with the added benefit of recyclability, making them a smart choice for eco-conscious homeowners. And when you opt for aluminium joineries, you’re contributing to a brighter, greener future through the power of recycling.
Join the Green Movement with Termoexpress!!