We offer a full transport service with our own cars or authorized partners, with the possibility of tracking the transport by GPS.

We have a fleet of 3.5T and 7.2T trucks with which we carry out international transport, with 4 main routes:

Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Hungary – Austria – Germany – Belgium – France
Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Hungary – Slovakia – Czech – Germany – Belgium – France
Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Hungary – Slovenia – Italy – France
Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Hungary – Slovenia – Italy – Switzerland – France
Depending on the size and / or weight of your order and your place of delivery, the available solutions will be specified and costed in the product sheet.


The carrier delivers to you in front of your home or site but is not allowed to enter your home. So plan to be helped if necessary by third parties for the reception of the order.
In the event of inaccessibility (streets too narrow, houses on the port, electric cables too low, trees preventing passage, …) additional costs for access are the responsibility of the customer. However, the customer has the option of picking up the goods directly from the carrier so as not to pay these additional costs.
It is imperative to unpack all the goods before signing the delivery slip so as to be able to enter, if necessary, all the characterized reservations.
Before delivery, the carrier will contact you by email or SMS to fix the date of passage with you.