The data required to make a payment by bank transfer are:

Headquarters address: CLUJ, FLORESTI, LUNA DE SUS, DN1-E60, KM 488 + 300
Unique registration code: RO21226109
Nr. Reg. Trade: J12 / 961/2007
IBAN: RO13OTPV0000000003790038
Bank: OTP Bank Romania SA
Telephone: +4 0371 38 40 50


Factory direct sale to individuals!

Our factory direct online brand offers you the best quality at the best price!
Take advantage of the advantages of shopping online and stop wasting money and time in intermediaries!
All you need to do is choose the menu item that best suits your project and select the installation formula according to your needs, an advisor, directly from the factory, will take care of managing your file directly in order to reassure you and help you to make your project flawless!

You have the option of NOT PAYING VAT!

To benefit from payment excluding VAT, you must prove that you have an intercommunity number. Then the final price for you will be the one without 19% VAT.


The price and method of payment are specified in each order. The selling price of the products is that in force at the time of placing the order, it is expressed in euros (EUR) and includes VAT. Termo Express will not apply any additional commission or surcharge for orders related to orders. However, since the transactions are international in nature, as the payment processor and the accepting bank are located in another country, some costs may be incurred by the buyer from currency exchange transactions or commissions. payments for international transactions, according to the general conditions agreed between the issuing bank and the consumer. For this reason, in the case of card payments, if the amounts debited from a buyer’s card as part of a transaction or refunded to a card are different from the price displayed at the end of the order or from the amount confirmed to refund, please contact the buyer to contact the card issuing bank, to get more information about bank charges and foreign currency costs.

At the buyer’s request, Termo Express may issue and deliver to the buyer the tax invoice relating to the order, provided that the customer provides the necessary data in accordance with the law for his establishment. The tax invoice in physical form will be delivered to the buyer with the order.
The buyer has two payment options for orders made on the site: online payment with the credit card and payment by bank transfer. In the case of an online payment with the bank card (Visa Classic / Electron, MasterCard, Maestro), the customer is directed to a secure payment page in order to complete and validate the payment. All types of cards issued by Romanian and foreign banks under VISA and MasterCard are accepted, provided that the issuing banks have activated their online payment option.
Termo Express does not request or store any information concerning the customer’s bank card, which is processed directly by the secure payment system of the online payment service provider. The credit card processor approved by Termo Express has the right to access / consult any type of data / documents generated by an issuance order, canceled orders, valid contract or canceled contract, in order to investigate any transaction, if applicable.

In case of online payment, Termo Express is not / cannot be held responsible for additional costs incurred by the Customer, including, without limitation, currency conversion fees applied by the card issuing bank, if the currency used is its issue differs from that presented. The responsibility for this action rests solely with the customer.

You can purchase products on the site using the following payment tools:

Bank transfer:

Payment can also be made by bank transfer on the basis of the pro forma invoice, the delivery of the products being made after entering the amount (the total invoice value) in our account.