Product warranty:
Spare parts 6 months
Complete aprons and motorized axles 2 years
Roller shutter mechanisms 2 years
Somfy motors 5 years
Somfy roller shutter automation 5 years
BFT garage door automation 2 years
Windows, doors, and sliding doors 5 years
Glazing 2 years
Hardware 5 years

Depending on the product purchased, TERMOEXPRESS gives the warranty in accordance with the legal provisions concerning the sale of products and the associated guarantees. When receiving the goods, the customer is asked to ensure that the products delivered are qualitatively and quantitatively in line with their expectations. By law, each customer can, in the event of non-compliance, first demand repair of the product or request replacement of the product without payment, except in cases where the measure is impossible or disproportionate.

If the customer has returned a product due to manufacturing defects and the seller does not have a suitable replacement product, the seller will reimburse the customer for the product’s value. The customer can return the products in the following situations:
  • The packaging shows serious damage;
  • The products were delivered/invoiced incorrectly;
  • The products have manufacturing defects;
  • The products do not respect the content mentioned at the time of the order;
  • Products with quality defects.

TERMOEXPRESS may refuse products returned by its customers if the return falls in one of the following cases without the latter being able to claim damages:
  • In the event of replacement of the Product purchased by another Product or a different type;
  • dIf the returned product is not in the same condition as it was delivered (for example, in its original packaging with all accessories, labels intact and accompanying documents).