Because we are always attentive to the protection, privacy and comfort of your home, we offer a wide range of solutions in terms of shade technology for the exterior, including swing shutters and roller shutters.

SHUTTERS are made from aluminum or PVC slats. They are considered to be the most effective solution for protecting interior space from sunlight, providing a sound insulation and burglar-proof solution. Depending on the destination of the shutters, it is possible to opt for different burglar-proof systems consisting of blocking the exterior shutters. The simple locking system is mounted on the last blade of the roller and by the drive from the inside its opening from the outside is locked.

  • The automatic closing system is also mounted on the last blade, but it is automatically activated when the belt is lowered by means of several levers and springs mounted inside.
  • The key lock is attached to the last slat only to allow closure from the outside and is particularly used for commercial spaces or access doors.
  • Roller shutters can be operated manually with a string or ribbon, which is clamped in a cassette or they can be electric, wired motorized or a remote control.
  • In addition, the shutters can be fabricated, with a mosquito net inserted inside the cassette behind the slat mat, so that the guides have two grooves, one for the slats the other for the mosquito net, each working. independently.


  • are perhaps the most effective barrier against the sun’s rays;
  • ensures the protection of the joinery against environmental factors (rain, snow, hail);
  • provides thermal protection of interior spaces;
  • prevents overheating in summer and helps to retain heat in winter;
  • provides protection against burglary;
  • allows the integration of mosquito nets in the roll;
  • pleasant and modern design, offering more comfort to the electric option with remote control;
  • the possibility of execution in the shade of the profile of the carpentry, including imitation of wood;
  • noise reduction of up to 10 dB.

ALUMINUM / WOOD SWING SHUTTERS – were designed as a shading system, but they also have an aesthetic role, providing dynamism and prestige to the facade of the house. Their functional role is to adjust the room lighting, sound insulation and additional terminations, but also to protect, especially for holiday homes. Available in different colors as well as in imitation wood colors. Movable aluminum shutters have the ability to adjust between 0 and 90 degrees, being a great shading solution in sunny weather.


  • acoustic barrier;
  • thermal insulation;
  • weather protection;
  • control of the light in the room;
  • burglary protection;
  • impact resistance.