Whether you're an architect, developer, or main-contractor, hoping to get your joinery project off the page, we're here to help!

The quality of our work is deeply ingrained. It is present in the fine materials we use, the craftsmanship of our people, and the perfection of our finish.

We are a Romanian company that provides you with a varied range of Aluminum, uPVC, or Laminated wood joinery, produced in Romania, carried out using modern technology in accordance with CE standards as well as a complete range of ‘accessories: shutters, rollers, ventilation grilles.

We organize transport directly from factories in Romania to the destination of your choice and take care of the insurance of the products. This means that when you need help you just have to contact us to get the correct price for whatever you need for your project.

Thus, you can obtain from Romania all the products necessary for your project from one place, at the price of the manufacturer and in a single shipment, without being forced to look for several suppliers and without assuming the responsibility of the delivery under conditions of maximum safety of your products.

We are continually interested in the long-term satisfaction of our customers and the completion of lasting partnerships with companies in the construction industry in Western Europe.

This is why we have selected from our portfolio high-quality products, in accordance with European requirements, being specialized in export.

10 Reasons to choose Termo Express

Thermal insulation is one of our main concerns. Given the multiple possibilities of combinations of profiles with different glazing systems and hardware, we have chosen for you the 3 main types (PVC and ALU) as a starting point:

  • Standard range (1.3 W / m2k for PVC-1.7 W / m2k for Alu);
  • Premium range (0.9 W / m2k for PVC-1.3 W / m2k for Alu);
  • Passive House range (0.6 W / m2k for PVC-0.8 W / m2k for Alu);

Sound insulation – It is well known that the most important part of a window regarding the sound insulation coefficient is determined by the glazing system used. Depending on your need, you can choose sound insulation packages with values between 34 and 47 DB.

Sun protection is important especially with windows facing the sun, especially in areas with very high temperatures. We provide you with high-performance glazing systems that can withstand any challenge:

  • Glazing systems with Low E and argon (with a degree of protection of 65%);
  • Glazing systems with Dual Protect (or 4 Seasons) technology (with a degree of protection of 43%);
  • Reflective, sandblasted decorative glazing systems, etc.

Mechanical resistance is an important argument in the choice of joinery partially adapted to each situation. Thus, depending on the profile chosen, air resistance up to class 4, wind C5 / B5 or water tightness E900 can be obtained.

Protection and security. An important factor in choosing the woodwork that is best for you is the protection it gives. Thus, depending on the type of profile chosen and the hardware used, TermoExpress windows are in the RC 1N or RC 2 security classes, with a classic locking system, 5 points or multipoint, as the case may be.

Functionality. TermoExpress doors and windows are designed to satisfy all requirements of utility and functionality by offering innovative and modern solutions: joinery with tilt and turn opening, bellows, tilting, French, sliding, pocket, or accordion can be performed in different combinations, depending on the imagination of each.

Colors and shapes. Flexible or solid, straight or rounded, modern or traditional windows can have the most varied colors: depending on the profile chosen, we provide you with a wide variety of standard colors, painted, veneered, sandblasted, or anodized.

Taking care of the environment is one of our constant concerns. We use ecological PVC profiles and in the case of wood (as a renewable source) we also use ecological water-based stains.

We offer specialty assistance, transportation, and installation anywhere in Europe. We offer technical assistance for the choice of configurations that meet all the requirements of your project, we take care of the transport of the products ordered and, if necessary, their installation (only for large projects and depending on availability).

Guarantee and certifications. The products we make available to you have CE certification and come with guarantees ranging from 5 years to 10 years (depending on the case) throughout Europe. Romania, as a state that belongs to the European Union, also enjoys all the rights and obligations arising from this fact, also as a socio-political entity, as well as commercial companies operating in its territory.

Our products are certified:
Aluminum: CE, CSTB, Qualicoat, Sea-Side, Qualideco, Ewaa-Euras, ISO 9001, DIT, BBA, CWI
Glazing: CE, CEKAL