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Euro ‑ Design 70 are window profiles that provide a lot of light. Due to the particularly narrow construction, there is more room for glass. And this improves the mood.

Because: Outstanding panoramas and sunshine make an important contribution to your well-being. Choose from many architectural possibilities with individual shapes, for example, round, oblique, triangular windows or splash windows.


You invest a lot in your home. It has to match your wishes to the smallest detail.

If you also focus on design, comfort and low cost through efficient insulation, then the 70 AD windows are the right choice.

The 5-chamber system at 70 mm depth meets all the requirements of the new energy standards in force.


The new dimension in window construction!

Safety and a pleasant atmosphere determine the quality of living space between the 4 walls. The 70 MD window profile system is the consistent development of the 70 AD system based on the medial gasket; the principle of compatibility was also considered, regardless of the fact that the constructive width is larger.


The large construction depth of 85 mm of the doors allows you to mount any insulating glass of up to 3 sheets. In addition, the multi-chamber technique uses air as an effective isolation medium.

Due to the insertion of an additional middle gasket, which seals the construction of the window in the peripheral contour, a so-called dry room, in which the fittings work, is created. Mechanisms isolated in this way by external conditions significantly increase their life span.

85 MD Premium WINDOW

The 85 MD Premium Window System is a combination of cutting-edge technical solutions designed to deliver properties above average, guaranteeing warmth, tranquility, security and a unique aesthetic appearance of the window. By choosing the 85 MD Premium window system, you choose a top product in which the quality of the profiles and materials used does not compromise.


The SYNEGO profile system provides a pleasant temperature, high level of comfort and safety for your home: SYNEGO compels a thermal insulation level of up to 50% higher compared to the current standard windows.

This will significantly reduce your home heating costs and you will experience a new sense of well-being that you will never want to quit


GENEO® is the most energy-efficient 86-mm-wide profile system on the construction market.

RAU-FIPRO®, the innovative recipe of REHAU brand material, ensures both the highest stability and durability, as well as static characteristics that have not been possible so far without reinforcing steel profiles. With RAU-FIPRO®, after the construction of Formula 1 and Airplanes, this fiber composite is used for the first time also in the construction of windows.

GENEO® system is available also as PHZ and HST.

Your home is a reflection of your life!Your home is a reflection of your life!

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